In Your Eyes V

  • Riley: "Hey, can we talk?"
  • Zane: "Are you sure you wanna be seen with me?"
  • Riley: "Oh man, I'm really sorry about yesterday."
  • Zane: "Seriously? You left me with that cop. What's wrong with you?"
  • Riley: "I'm dealing with some angry issues. I had to leave before I did something stupid like punched him out."
  • Zane: "The yoga. That's part of that, too?"
  • Riley: "Well, it's helping..."
  • Zane: "Sounds like you're working on it. So, this therapy includes coming to the LGBT mixer tonight?"
  • Riley: "..."
  • Zane: "So really, you're not coming out at all?"
  • Riley: "...maybe not."
  • Zane: "You're gonna be lonely, Riley. I hope your privacy is worth it."
  • Riley: "Zane..."

Türkiye’de 1 milyon Ermeni’yi 30 bin Kürt’ü öldürdüler. Bunu hiç kimse söylemeye cesaret edemiyor ben söylemek zorunda kalıyorum.

—Orhan Pamuk

In Your Eyes IV

  • Zane: "I feel like Spiderman!"
  • Riley: "Sometimes I come here after the construction guys go home. I kinda like to be alone."
  • Zane: "Secret club house, huh? What are the rules? No girls allowed?"
  • Riley: "Guys-only club."
  • Zane: "And a... What do we do?"
  • Riley: "Well, if I tell you I'll have to kill you."
  • Zane: "Wow! This club sure has a lot of secrets. Are we hiding from the world up here?"
  • Riley: "It's good to be away from people we know. Let's stuff to explain if anyone sees us."
  • Zane: "You mean, explain that you are gay? ...So you are. What are you ashamed of?"
  • Cop: "Hey! No trespassing."
  • Riley: "We're talking."
  • Cop: "Not anymore. Let's go."
  • Riley: "Get your hands off me. Get your hands off- I said get your hands off me!"

[…] culpar a los otros, que es patrimonio específico de los corazones inferiores.

—Horacio Quiroga

In Your Eyes III

  • Zane: "Right on time."
  • Riley: "They don't call me Big Ben for nothing."
  • Zane: "They call you Big Ben?"
  • Riley: "No, not really. Coffee sucks, do you wanna go somewhere else?"
  • Zane: "Oh! Sure."